May Newsletter

North Okanagan Shuswap Greens

News Letter May 20, 2018

Hello Greens,

The 2018 AGM was held on Thursday April 26 at the Vernon Library.  The Minutes are below.

An account of the years activities and the financials were reported and accepted.  The Association currently has $3,771.52 in cash and $5,202.00 in term deposits that will become available prior to the next election.

Three members of the executive departed due to time constraints.  Kevin Babcock relinquished his position as CEO.  Vanessa Colleran will be leaving her position as Secretary and Tyler Lawtey has also resigned.

Their input and effort will be missed although all three expect to be able to assist later on as the election approaches.  This is good news as all three are enormous assets to the Green Party.

Three executives remain by unanimous acclamation.  Jim Boyd is our new secretary and Gareth Ainslie will remain as our Financial Agent.  Korry Zepik has taken on the responsibilities as CEO.

The next election is barely a year and a half away and the meeting was the first call for Candidates.

There will be a Candidate selection meeting this fall and it is important that as many Green Members as possible attend.  The nomination papers require 120 signatures and it is difficult to properly campaign while still seeking nominations from the public at large.

If you know of someone who could make a great candidate or if you would like to throw your hat in the ring, please contact Korry at: or phone/text 250-938-4232.

After business was adjourned, Heather Clay made a presentation on Proportional Representation and why, as Federal Greens, it is important to support the BC referendum on PR.  If BC adopts PR, it will open the door for other provinces to follow suit and prompt the Federal Government to shift our electoral system from First Past the Post to the more equitable, Proportional Representation.

Fair Vote Vernon, the local PR advocacy group is looking for volunteers to help when available.  Contact Sue Young at: to ask to be put on their email list.  Other info on Proportional Representation can be found at:  There is also an article about why PR is better on our very own website

The meeting was then turned over to Korry who led a lively discussion on the Kinder Morgan – Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.  A linkage between the Site “C” dam and the unacceptable Tar/Oil Sands growth was also made.  As was expected, the consensus from the floor to the pipeline’s construction was a strong, enthusiastic and resounding “NO”.

Due to the Proportional Representation and pipeline discussions, the meeting ran till our allotted time for the meeting room was used up.

Thanks to all who attended and we look forward to seeing you all at the Candidate selection meeting.

Sincerely yours,

Korry Zepik

GPC North Okanagan Shuswap EDA

Annual General Meeting

North Okanagan-Shuswap Green Party

Thursday, April 26th , 2018

Location: Vernon Public Library, 2800 30th Ave. Vernon BC



Attended:       Vanessa Colleran – Secretary

Jim Boyd

Kevin Babcock

Korry Zepik

Gareth Ainslie


Regrets:         Tyler Lawtey


Call to Order at 18:09


Reviewed agenda:

-Motion to accept meeting’s agenda

-Moved, second and carried


Reviewed previous AGM meeting minutes:

-Previous meeting was May 15, 2017

-Moved, second and carried


Financial Report:


-Moved, second and carried

-Motion to appoint existing Auditor – Chris Miles of Culver and Associates

-Moved, second and carried


CEO and Membership Report

-Kevin Babcock – reviewed boards past year

-board needed supplies to gather starter packages to bring to events

-board now prepared to attend events for the upcoming year

-board got some social media accounts up and running: FB page and newsletters. Any members can help contribute to keeping the Green Party’s presence on social media

-with just over one year to go, need to start thinking about candidates for the upcoming election

-newsletters will be used to share content and information to start generating discussions prior to the upcoming election

-board needs to actively try to start bringing in new people/members

-board needs to attend local events and get presence out there in the community

-idea proposed of putting on a dinner at a local restaurant

-idea to post on social media that region is looking for a candidate

-idea to request Elizabeth May to come to an event and charge for a fundraising option

-idea to host a film night to potentially draw people in

-idea to set up a table at the I.P.E. as well as the Roots and Blues Festival and Funtastic



Board of Directors Election

Outgoing members: Kevin Babcock, Vanessa Colleran, Tyler Lawtey

Incumbent Members for Nomination: Gareth Ainslie, Jim Boyd, Korry Zepik

-board will create a supportive base for future regional candidate

-recognized the need to fundraise, attract more people for members and volunteer positions to help spread awareness of the good national platform

-motion to accept nomination for 3 remaining members:

-CEO – Korry Zepik

-Financial Agent – Gareth Ainslie

-Jim Boyd

-Moved, second and carried

-idea to approach Claire Martin as potential possible candidate

-question to the floor if any meeting attendees interested in running – none at this time

-idea to create a volunteer list and attract additional board members


The Year Ahead

-PR presentation by Heather Clay

-Pipeline presentation by Korry Zepik

-Candidate nominations – plan on an October meeting to discuss possible candidate names

-Comments from the floor


Adjournment 18:51