Happy Birthday Canada!

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Yesterday we celebrated 150 years of this exercise in co-operation called Canada.  For sure the land and the original settlers have been here longer than that… a lot longer.  In fact there is mounting evidence that the first people on this land we now call Canada were here even before the land/ice bridge occurred at the end of the last ice age.  These people agreed to share this land with the newcomers from Europe and for that, I’m grateful to them and their descendants.
There is a certain amount of group pride in being Canadian and a whole lot of personal gratitude, but we need to acknowledge that this Canada that we love is still not treating the original people here very well – actually they’ve been treated terribly – and this is something we all need to work on before we can feel accomplishment as a nation.
We can be proud of our history of helping other countries in their hours of need, in our acceptance of others and in our desires and actions to be a beneficial force in our world.
I personally feel just plain lucky to have been allowed to grow up Canadian, but recently the direction we Canadians have taken has filled me with immense gratitude, pride and much realistic hope for the future of our country, our world and our children.
In the last federal election, we Canadians made extra efforts to shun bigotry and embrace inclusiveness,  to move past the status quo and work to re-define a country and a world that respects the rights of all, including future generations and their right to a livable world.  That is an immense reversal of a world view that is not only essential to survival, but also is a return to a more heroic way of being – one that my parents and theirs lived by.
We didn’t get what we asked for or were promised, but that is the fault of those who would break their promises on fair elections, honest environmental reviews, protecting the right of privacy and substantial action on equity between Indigenous peoples and modern settlers.
Yes, the Trudeau Liberals are better than the previous administration but that was a pretty low bar.  We need to move the bar up and hold this new government accountable.  That’s where we need you to do what you can to keep upward pressure on this Liberal government that has been back sliding into the “Old Boys Club” again.
Right here, right now, as this country celebrates it’s 150th birthday, is the time to set our course for the next 150.  It is up to you, and me, everyone, to make sure we’re headed in the right direction.  So that future generations will have a fighting chance to help this world. So that in another 150 years those that bear the torch we once so valiantly carried, will not only celebrate the birthday of this nation, but the renewal of a world that we almost lost.
So please stay informed and help out where you can.  Together we will build a better country and world.
Happy Birthday Canada!
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